Bound Documents

Whether your project entails digitizing library books, corporate records, historic collections, books slated for POD, one of a kind works, lab notebooks, magazines, or any other type of bound content, Transcon has the right solution in place. All of our bound digitization equipment utilizes cradle technology to alleviate stress on the spine of your books. If your books are duplicates, or you are interested in only capturing the information through OCR, we can professionally disbind the books in our bindery prior to scanning and, if needed, rebind the materials for long term storage.

Large Format Items

Mortgage documentation, HR records, resumes, personnel files, student/teacher records or transcripts, invoices, accounts payable items, insurance applications, health care forms, bank records, legal documents, proof of delivery, receipts, index cards, or any other loose materials have special inherent requirements, depending on each items condition.. Through our ongoing investment in cut sheet and flat bed scanning technologies, we assist our customers in accurate capture that helps them become more cost efficient by providing fast access to their mission critical documents. Some loose materials can be scanned utilizing Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) devices, others require special handling one by one on a flat bed scanner. Many back file conversions (on or off site) or ongoing projects need preparation of the documents (removing staples, paper clips, “dog ears”, tape, etc.) prior to scanning. DCS can easily handle all scenarios based on our clients’ long term service goals with whatever frequency makes the most sense for improving your work flow. Our Digital Solutions is a cost effective and valuable conduit for your company’s ongoing retrieval needs and ultimate success.

Transcon convert documents in various formats :
• DWG to JPG
• PDF to DOC
• Excel to HTML
• GIF to TGA
• PSP to PDF
• Books to HTML / XML / XHTML / PDF / MS Word
• Paper documents and scanned images to MS Word
• Scanned paper reports and images to electronic formats
• Image files to XHTML

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